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JudeMary Music on Call Live Talk Show @ PaigeRobertsShow, June 19, 2019 

I wil be on this Call in Live 1 Talk show in Athens,Georgia to discuss about my musical Journey for atleast 1 hour. Records of the interview will be posted to your listening pleasure. Stay tuned! 

The Paige Roberts Show is an Athens, GA based Indie Podcast (talk show) that is heard at 8:00pm Eastern time on blog talk radio. The Paige Roberts Show provides live talk interviews to artists, singer songwriters

Song for Charity Collaboration with Top Musicians around the World 

A lot has been going on lately and I want to keep you posted on my recent projects. It might interest you to know that I am currently collaborating with top and talented musicians around the globe. We are on a mission for charity. We want to give back to society, raising fund for a special charitable cause which will be communicated soon. 

We have producers, promoters, singers, songwriters, etc from various countries such as Nigeria, UK, Cameroun, Kenya, South Africa, USA, Sweden, Philippines, Portugal, to…

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Breaking News! A New Platform to Showcase your Creativity to the World 

Do you have a creative art, work, project, music, video, comedy etc anything you feel the world would love to see from you? I have good news. I think this is a great opportunity. This company only recently started and it is pulling weight. Their list of membership is growing and they take time to showcase peoples work in their website and promote it in social media and other  platforms free. What a way to get viral. Company name is Silentium. You can click the link below to BECOME A SILENCER 

If you want…

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