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How I began my Musical Career! 

I feel so motivated to share this! Maybe this could encourage someone. If you had read my earlier posts Must Read: Why (and how) I wrote my first song 'Moment of Miracle' I did share how I used to sing and practise in the bathroom (Honestly I still do. I have never seen a better studio. I am sure you do that too lol). I wanted by all means to release my written songs to the world.

First thing I did was to approach a studio. But the feedback was disappointing. To release a track, I had to churn out huge…

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Must Read: Why (and how) I wrote my first song Moment of Miracle 

Hello beloved fan! I just don't want to roll out songs to you to enjoy. I also want to carry you along on my musical journey. I think it will be fun and worthwhile to show you behind the scenes of things starting with my very first song. Actually I would say, not my first written song, but first recorded song. Yes, I remember haven written a whole load of songs (mainly in my toilet studio, lol, I know you get gist. Many of us are great singers in the toilet while we do justice to the thing lol). I remember…

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