You can now Distribute (and Sell) your Music to over 100 Major Digital Stores Worldwide Without Paying a Dime


We are now living in the digital age. Gone are the days when people buy CDs. Digital downloads, streaming sites and music licensing (I will create a post for this soon) have taken up the market share of music sales. The middle men marketers and distributors are gradually losing their jobs and only those who embrace the digital trend still stay afloat.

What if I told you, "YOU CAN NOW COMPOSE AND PRODUCE YOUR SONGS BY YOURSELF WITH LITTLE COST? I am compiling a book on how to do this, you can check my previous post, How I Began My Musical Career! for details.  And this post is an except from the book. A great and valuable secret to musicians (even if yiou are not one, I am sure you know someone who knows someone who may need this lol). The book is titled,

" How to Compose, Produce and Market your own Professional Sounding Songs and Videos with little cost" 

 This will include all the tools needed, step by step guide, access to softwares, websites, music professionals, International Music groups for collaboration with producers, musicians, vocalists (even if you can't sing), how to design your own blog/website (even if you are a web design dummy lol. This website was created by me and I know nothing about web design), how to sell your products and accept payments on your websites or social media platforms (even PayPal alternatives) and many other goodies.   If you are interested, SAVE YOUR SPOT HERE!

As a musician, there are many digital distribution companies who act as the go-between (agents) to submit your songs to major stores all over the world to enable your songs to be listened toz downloaded or shared by millions of music fans around the world. While Spotify takes the major market share of the streaming industry, other stores like Apple music, Google play, Pandora, Tidal, etc also present a viable option for artist. 

However, to submit your songs to these major stores, you need the services of distributions companies like CD baby, Tunecore, Ditto, Distrokid, Songtradr, to mention but a few. And each of these services will cost you either yearly, or a time submission fee with other fees like collecting a percentage of your earnings or royalties on this stores. You really don't have an option as an Indie artist (Do it Yourself Artist or unsigned artist) unless you are already signed by a record label who does the distribution part for you, leaving you with the freedom of doing what you know best (making music, music and music because 'good' music is the food to soul, so says the Holy Book)

Now, enough of these beating about the bush (abi na scattering about the forest? I will have to call my English teacher lol).

I present to you AMUSE MUSIC DISTRIBUTION, a music app that submit your songs to more than 100 major stores around the world, Spotify, YouTube, Google play, Apple music, just name it. But while others collect fee for submission and a percent of your earnings, AMUSE collects nothing. Yes, you heard me right. No submission fee! No royalties!! No nothing!!!.  Add to that, they are record label; so if you are a great talent, they could sign you up.  You can VISIT AMOSE here or download the app from Apple's App Store or Google Play Store

You are free to comment and add your own discovery. Questions are very much welcomed.

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