I am Offering Customized T-shirts FOR FREE and download of my latest song

Five winners will get a customized T-shirt each with the song title, 'Moment of Miracle' boldly inscribed on it. 




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3. Share this post by tagging me (JudeMary Onukogu) and atleast 20 of your friends with the title, "This is my moment of miracle. Please type Amen".

4. Make sure you follow the above step. The post must be shared/tweeted from here not Facebook 

Five (or more) post with the highest number of Amen will get the customized T-shirt.

The five winners will be announced on my blog, twitter, instagram and  my facebook page on (the date will be communicated soon)

They will have a photo shot with the T-shirts and be featured on my blog and social media sites (subject to their agreement)

Winners will also qualify for an upcoming award, "GOSPEL MUSIC AMBASSADOR 2019"

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