How I began my Musical Career!

I feel so motivated to share this! Maybe this could encourage someone. If you had read my earlier posts Must Read: Why (and how) I wrote my first song 'Moment of Miracle' I did share how I used to sing and practise in the bathroom (Honestly I still do. I have never seen a better studio. I am sure you do that too lol). I wanted by all means to release my written songs to the world.

First thing I did was to approach a studio. But the feedback was disappointing. To release a track, I had to churn out huge amount of money. All the studios I visited both online and physically, I got the same results. A thought came to me, "As a songwriter, to avoid being at the mercy of studio engineers whenever you want to release your songs, why not learn to produce by yourself?"  Wow, what a thought!

I visited a studio and paid my first instalment to learn music production. But after watching them for 1 week (I was asked to be watching. No lessons!) I decided this wasn't what I wanted. Then I began to download online videos to learn by myself. That's when the real fun began!

I learn that to be a good  songwriter/music producer, one needs to have knowledge of music and probarbly (not compulsory) learn how to play one instrument. I began to delve into music theories online SEE HERE and how to play piano by ear (not a fan of sightreading lol). I want to be able to play my song myself and record it. I decided to borrow keyboard from my younger one and then came across a powerful site that teaches a whole lot of things like learning how to play piano by ear (ability to play exactly as you hear it with formulas of getting the key of any song). You can CHECK IT OUT! and the THE BEGINNER'S VIDEO HERE

In matter of days, I was already playing my songs wow! You could imagine what I felt inside! My next step was looking for a software that makes songwriting and recording easier and gbam! I got Hookpad. Honestly, this software makes my day sweet lol.  Then the next step was to train my voice. I got this powerful game changer on vocal mastery RIGHT HERE I trained for just 1 month and my frog voice was transformed (those who knew how I started back in the days in NACC Benue will testify lol). I remember a lady commented one day, "Jude, your voice is now sexy" (I wonder how oh, make una help me ask am lol). Anyway I am still work in progress (though I have got so busy with recording that I have not done much training since then. But that vocal training from a top US vocal coach NENA LOCKHART  is a game changer any day.  

I joined an international music collaboration group where I met my producer Gakumba Sound and the rest is history. I also met ATHENA SORENSEN later when I began my first recording, and she agreed to collaborate in the song. You can LISTEN HERE

Let me pre-inform you that I will be launching an eBook titled

"How to Compose, Produce and Market your own Professional Sounding Songs and Videos with little cost"

 This will include all the tools needed, step by step guide, access to softwares, websites, music professionals, International Music groups for collaboration with producers, musicians, vocalists(even if you can't sing), how to design your own blog/website (even if you are a web design dummy lol. This website was created by me and I know nothing about web design), how to sell your products and accept payments on your websites or social media platforms (even PayPal alternatives) and many other goodies.   If you are interestedSAVE YOUR SPOT HERE!

Thank you for taking time to read my story.

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