Must Read: Why (and how) I wrote my first song Moment of Miracle

Hello beloved fan! I just don't want to roll out songs to you to enjoy. I also want to carry you along on my musical journey. I think it will be fun and worthwhile to show you behind the scenes of things starting with my very first song. Actually I would say, not my first written song, but first recorded song. Yes, I remember haven written a whole load of songs (mainly in my toilet studio, lol, I know you get gist. Many of us are great singers in the toilet while we do justice to the thing lol). I remember writing three songs before Moment of Miracle. One got viral and I later heard it on someone's cassette (too bad. I couldn't claim ownership because the artist was the first to record it. I learnt this the hard way). The other songs are still in my archive (lol), they couldnt survive my musical taste (maybe because they were recorded in my toilet studio lol).

When I got the inspiration to write Moment of Miracle, I felt deep within me that God has answered my prayer. I have actually passed through a lot in life. Those who knew me personally would testify to that. My life journey has been rough yet fun (yes, I learn from each challenge or obstacle). 

Then I got encouraged by my mentor for years, Bro Ben Onwuegbule and the people of Divine Will Ministry Enugu. Great people who encouraged me to keep going and never to give up. I remember my many nights of tears and moments of sorrow and pain and these people and my family stood by me. Gradually God was turning my obstacles and preparing them for a miracle.

The members of National Association of Catholic Corps Members, Benue Chapter (past and present) have been very helpful in my life. I owe them a lot; the care, the shelter, the encouragement, the financial assistance etc. I am forever indebted to this group.

Then came Mrs Ogechi Odoegwu of LONGRICH MAGIC TEAM. What a God sent!

Followed by a great minister and servant of God who came to Nigeria for a life mission. He took me up and gave me hope. God used him and others mightily to turn my every obstacle into a miracle. Today, I will say, I am a product of miracle. Hence I dedicate this song to Late Very Rev Fr Angus Fraser C.S.Sp. May his soul rest in peace. 

As for recording the song, it wouldn't have been possible without Dmitry Shekhovtsov, aka Gakumba Sounds. A Russian friend and brother. He is a guru, doing what he knows best. 

Also my featured artist, Athena Sorensen from USA. A lady with an anointed voice. This song actually was a product of collaboration. An intercontinental song lol. Myself (an African), Dmitry (Russian) and Athena (Hawaii, USA). I won't forget Nsibley from Alabama for his beat contributions in NSO track.  All glory to God.

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